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Final Test – an artistic collaborative creation with director Samuel De La Torre, merging dancers and actors into a shared performative language. 

A piece that explores the extremity of humanity and the dangerous desire for power, when faced with life-threatening tasks; set by an almighty anonymous voice, visiting love, hate, selfishness, power, greed, and torture when escaping isn’t an option.

Inspired on a mixture of various dystopian popular culture including Blindness by José Saramago and Equals by Drake Doremus; and a reality that one can’t escape from, Final Test emerged.


"A powerfully imaginative, left-field piece in a genre of its own"

Theatre Bath

 "This is a piece that touches the emotions below the level of language, and its images, right to the end, will stay in the mind."

Theatre Bath


Mission Theatre, Bath Fringe Festival. Jun 2017

Bath Spa University. Mar 2017



Delicia Sefiha, Xavier De Santos, Samuel De La Torre, Polly Franks, Rachel Parson, Kerri Fitzsimons, Jack Hatton-Jackson, Rachael Hammond, Clara Moutinho, Andria Moutinho, Jack Ince (vo)

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