AllouAqui Dance Theatre merges contemporary movement with theatrical elements and creates work that switches between a real and a surreal world. Unleashing their fantasy they reach the edges; the subtle and the extreme, the logical and the instinctual, the normal and the quirky. 

Artistic Directors, Xavier De Santos and Delicia Sefiha met in the dance studios whilst studying contemporary dance. They shared the same mediterranean vibes and passion for blending movement and theatre. After collaborating on A Writer, a Typewriter and the Matter of Love and Final Test, they discovered that their explorations, experimentations and creations flared up a unique twist on the contemporary perspective of dance. And so AllouAqui was born - a dance theatre company that toys with the allou (there) and the aqui (here), testing the boundaries and combining different disciplines.

Milan’s Game is their first duet since the beginning of their collaborative work, and a performance that has been developed and refined through both their work with theatre director, Samuel De La Torre and by sharing the duet at various platforms and festivals across the U.K. Samuel De La Torre is now part of their team, sharing the role as Artistic Director/Theatre Director.