Welcome to the Museum of Memories
A Research for Candle Monster

Candle Monster is a work-in-progress piece that combines live performance with projected media. Our creative process explores how memories can be used to create performance material, and become a tool to express the feelings of nostalgia.  


Through this research we hope to discover a variety of different responses towards  selected material. These responses will help us develop the Museum of Memories, which is a vital part of our creative process and the core of Candle Monster. If you would like to know more about our company, please take a look at our About page or have a look around our website.


Our research is split into four sections, and will take around 15 minutes to take part in. For each section you will find either an audio or a visual file for you to play. During, or after you have played the file, we are looking for you to respond to the material with memories, feelings, and ideas that come to mind, in the text box under the file. 


There are no specific responses we are looking for, and we would really like them to be as personal as possible, and for you to feel free to respond how you like. You can also choose to respond anonymously if you wish.


Video One


Video Two


Thank you so much for taking part.


As this is research that will be used for our creative process, we would love to receive responses in other formats too, such as filmed, photographed or recorded media that you might wish to add.


If you would like to send anything else please do so by emailing us at allouaquidancetheatre@gmail.com

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